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Services Provided:


Our services include-

A professional deep clean of your oven, which include your chrome racks and disassembly of your oven door, to get inside and behind the glass (where possible)

We also clean all types of hobs - gas, electric and ceramic.

As well as extractor units and replacement of filters, with a charcoal and grease absorbant filters.

We will also do some repairs to the oven,doors ,glass breakages and will supply grill pans and racks to customers. 

We also sell a full range of eco friendly products including my oven cleaning degreaser,mopping systems and micro fibre cloths.

Products we use

All products we use are eco friendly,non caustic,non toxic and non corrosive.

We also sell a wide range of eco friendly products including multi surface sanitiser,mopping systems,micro fibre cloths and much more,and guaranteed to be cheaper than any other eco products on the market at the moment.

All these products will be delivered to your door when needed, and we will demonstrate the most effecient way to use them so you get the most out of the product.